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Owner, operator, and supervisor Robert L. DeGroodt is present on all jobs developing customer relationships and making sure the job is done up to his high standards. Having a passion for paving Robert has built a company with a name and reputation that leads the paving industry in the Lower Hudson Valley. The goal at RD’s Paving Inc., whether commercial or residential, has been and remains customer satisfaction. We offer FREE estimates for all residential paving jobs and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Residential Paving
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Many homeowners will call multiple companies to come out, look at the job, and provide a price quote. This is a common and reasonable way to determine who has the lowest bid; however, be sure you are comparing the same scope of project and amount of work involved to reach your desired end result. Does your proposed driveway location need a new base, to be leveled, filled, scraped, widened, flattened, or raised? Any of those potential scenarios can contribute to cost in labor and materials. Make sure you understand what every company is providing and including with their quote.

At RD's Paving, we are the right company to work with from new driveway design and installation to driveway overlays, reconstruction or recycle filled, completing winter repairs and filling cracks, and seal coating.

We will fully explain what is included in the project with our free estimate, allowing you to make a well-informed decision. In addition, RD's Paving has been an established business for over 35 years and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Robert L. DeGroodt

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